Philosophy of Education 2006

Editor: Daniel Vokey, University of British Columbia

Table of Contents

Volume Editors PDF


Introduction: Philosophy of Education in a Pluralistic World PDF
Daniel Vokey xi-xxii

Presidential Essay

An Inquiry into Inquiry: (How) Can We Learn from Other Times and Places? PDF
Sharon Bailin 1-12
Response: (What) Can We Learn from Other Times and Places? PDF
Emily Robertson 13-16
Response: "So What?": The Philosophical Import of Learning from Others PDF
Harvey Siegel 17-19

Distinguished Invited Essay

The Philosophy of Education in the Official Educational Programs in Mexico: A Reconstruction of Epochal Philosophies PDF
Maria Teresa Yuren 23-32
Response: Comment on the Thesis "Critical Intelligence in Epochal Philosophy" PDF
Rosa Maria Torres Hernandez 33-35
Fear versus Fairness: Migration, Citizenship, and the Transformation of Political Community PDF
Joseph H. Carens 36-48
Response: Strangers in our Midst: Some Educational Conditions for Transforming Political Community PDF
Shirley Pendlebury 49-52
Response: Migration in Liberal Democracies: The Limits to Liberal Tolerance PDF
Walter Feinberg 53-56

Featured Essays

Framing Trials for Past Abuses Through an "Educative Dialogue": Recovering the Formative Role of Conflict in a Democracy PDF
Mario G. Di Paolantonio 59-67
Response: Political Events and the Making of Democratic Citizens PDF
Sigal Ben-Porath 68-70
The Educational Significance of Trust PDF
Suzanne Rice 71-78
Response: Trust and Trustworthiness: Extending Rice's Analysis PDF
Michael S. Katz 79-81
Transforming a Moral Right into a Legal Right: The Case of School Finance Litigation and the Right to Education PDF
Anne Rebecca Newman 82-90
Response: Educational Rights Talk in Search of a Question PDF
Randall Curren, Jason Blokhuis 91-93


A Philosophy for Thought: From the Classroom, from Childhood, from Philosophy Itself PDF
Yolanda Garcia Pavon, Pablo Flores del Rosario 97-103
Response: A Philosophy for Thinking: Some Considerations PDF
Manuel Anselmi 104-105
"Why Can't I Wear This?!" Banning Symbolic Clothing in Schools PDF
Dianne Gereluk 106-114
Response: A Paradigm of an Intractable Dilemma PDF
Josh Corngold 115-118
Don't Stand So Close to Me: Relational Distance Between Teachers and Students PDF
James Stillwaggon 119-126
Response: Relational Distance Between Teachers and Students: What's the Problem? PDF
Sean Blenkinsop 127-129
A Flower in the Grim City: Urban Environmental Education, Anti-Urban Philosophy, and Trips to the Field PDF
Chris Moffett 130-137
Response: Lessons from the Grim City: Rethinking Urban Environmental Education PDF
Huey-li Li 138-141
Education and the Tragedy of Culture: Pedagogical Notes on the Rationalization of Knowledge PDF
Silvia M. Grinberg 142-149
Response: Translations, Traditions, and Tensions PDF
Gustavo E. Fischman 150-152
Education and the Virtues of Controversy
Shelby Lorraine Sheppard 153-161
Response: Understanding the Sociopolitical Content of Controversy PDF
Michele S. Moses 162-164
The Triptych of Liberal Education PDF
Erika Anita Kiss 165-172
Response: Protagoras versus Socrates PDF
Chogollah Maroufi 173-175
Seeking Openings of Already Closed Student-Teacher Relationships PDF
Frank Margonis 176-184
Response: What Does It Mean for Teachers to Recognize the Otherness of Students? Going with/over Margonis Between Freire and Todd PDF
Yasushi Maruyama 185-187
(Un)Disciplining Virtue: Autonomy as Attunement and Relation PDF
Peter Giampietro 188-196
Response: Attunement, Relation, and Autonomy as Virtues of Character PDF
Emery J. Hyslop-Margison 197-199
Writ Large: Graffiti and Praxis in Pedagogical Third Spaces PDF
Jessica Lee Hochman 200-208
Response: I Can't Hail a Cab, So I'll Hail Ya from the Subway: Addresses from a Third Space PDF
Kal Alston 209-211
A Retrieval of Awe: Examining Disruption and Apprehension in Transformative Education PDF
Todd B. Rowen 212-220
Response: The Refusal of Wonder PDF
Trevor Norris 221-223
Critical Thinking and Intractable Disagreement PDF
Dale Turner 224-232
Response: The Limits of Intractability PDF
Jon Fennell 233-235
Renovating The Schoolhome PDF
Helen Anderson 236-243
Response: A Dualism Revisited: Education for Comfort and Discomfort PDF
Haeryun Choi 244-246
The Ethics of the Negative: Overcoming the Frustrations of Thinking Dialectically in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit PDF
Tyson Edward Lewis 247-255
Response: Absent History and Dialectic PDF
Karim Dharamsi 256-258
On the (In)Feasibility of School Choice for Social Justice PDF
Ken Howe 259-267
Response: The Critiquing of Charters while the Elephant of Public Schools Is in the Room PDF
Deron Boyles 268-270
A Hope for Hope: The Role of Hope in Education PDF
Dror Post 271-279
Response: Interrupting Hope PDF
Gert Biesta 280-282
Unveiling Cross-Cultural Conflict: Gendered Cultural Practice in Polycultural Society PDF
Sharon Todd 283-291
Response: How to Do Things with Headscarves: A Discursive and Meta-Discursive Analysis PDF
Claudia W. Ruitenberg 292-294
Trust and Suspicion in Critical Thinking as Transcendence PDF
Christina Hendricks 295-302
Response: Immanuel Kant as Mediator Between Objectivism and Contextualism in Critical Thinking? Jurgen Habermas on Kant's "Monologism" PDF
Walter Okshevsky 303-305
Bordering on Violence: A Levinasian Critique of Ontology and Ethics in Giroux's Critical Pedagogy PDF
Matt Jackson 306-314
Response: Human Rights and Democracy: Reading Giroux Otherwise with Levinas PDF
Clarence W. Joldersma 315-317
Freire and Whitehead: Any Difference? PDF
Robert E. Roemer 318-326
Response: Freire and Whitehead: Any Difference? Yes. PDF
James M. Giarelli 327-329
On Compassion and Community Without Identity: Implications for Moral Education PDF
Ann Chinnery 330-338
Response: Reflections on Educational Community: Without Identity, With Compassion PDF
Ann Diller 339-341
No-Fault Responsibility PDF
Barbara S. Stengel 342-350
Response: Moving Beyond the Blame Game: Subverting Privilege PDF
C. Joseph Meinhart 351-353
Left Behind Once Again: What's Luck Got to Do with Current Education Policies and Practices? PDF
Ronald David Glass 354-363
Response: Luck in the Educational System PDF
David P. Ericson 364-366
How Do We Learn from the Lives of Others? PDF
Bryan R. Warnick 367-375
Response: Mediating Imitative Learning PDF
Paul Farber 376-378
Intuition in Education: Teaching and Learning Without Thinking PDF
Leonard J. Waks 379-388
Response: Empty Thoughts and Blind Concepts PDF
Pradeep A. Dhillon 389-391
Communal Training of the Solitary Individual: A Nietzschean Puzzle Concerning Liberal Education PDF
Rebecca M. Katz 392-400
Response: Nietzsche, Deception, and Education: A Response to Katz's Nietzschean Puzzle PDF
Andrea English 401-403
Beyond Scientific versus Interpretive: Deweyan Inquiry and Educational Research PDF
Terri S. Wilson 404-412
Response: Science and Dichotomies: A European Outlook PDF
Tone Kvernbekk 413-416
Enslavement of Children, or Chrysalization of Class PDF
Alexander M. Sidorkin 417-425
Response: In Praise of Adult Liberation PDF
Francis Schrag 426-428
Seeking the Affective and the Imaginative in the Act of Reading: Embodied Consciousness and the Evolution of the Moral Self PDF
Karen A. Krasny 429-437
Response: Receiving Literature PDF
David T. Hansen 438-440
Philosophy and the Art of Teaching for Social Justice PDF
Kathy Hytten 441-449
Response: Performing Life Stories: Getting By in Teaching for Social Justice PDF
Sarah McGough 450-452
Authority Is Never Genuine, but Neither Is Giving It Up: Toward a Derridean Theory of Un-Enlightened Empowerment PDF
Charles Bingham 453-461
Response: Present Still, the Integrity of the Educator PDF
Paul Smeyers 462-464
Is Disobedience Sin? Christian Perspectives on Problems of Classrom Management PDF
Charles Howell 465-473
Response: Reasonable Pluralism and the Politics of Dialogue PDF
Suzanne Rosenblith 474-476

ISSN: 8756-6575