Philosophy of Education 2007

Editor: Barbara S. Stengel, Millersville University

Table of Contents

Volume Editors PDF


Introduction: Artists in Dialogue PDF
Barbara S. Stengel xi-xx

Presidential Essay

Food for Coeducational Thought PDF
Susan Laird 1-13
Response: Addiction and Mood Disorder in the Fast Food University PDF
Al Neiman 14-17
Response: Cooking Toward a Transformation of Glocal Foodways PDF
Huey-li Li 18-21

Distinguished Invited Essay

Self-Knowledge and Its Discontents PDF
Richard Shusterman 25-37
Response: The Locus of Self PDF
Kal Alston 38-41
Response: Who Is There? Finding the Other in the Self PDF
Gert Biesta 42-45

Featured Essays

Disruptions of Desire: From Androgynes to Genderqueer PDF
Cris Mayo 49-58
Response: How Curious Are We About Desire? PDF
Ann Diller 59-61
A Relational Ethic of Solidarity? PDF
Frank Margonis 62-70
Response: Limits and Pitfalls of Freire's Ethic of Solidarity PDF
Denise Egea-Kuehne 71-74
Is Schooling a Consumer Good? A Case Against School Choice, But Not the One You Had in Mind PDF
Alexander M. Sidorkin 75-83
Response: Education, Incentives, and Paths to Adulthood PDF
Charles Howell 84-87


The Midwife as Matchmaker: Socrates and Relational Pedagogy PDF
Avi Mintz 91-99
Response: The Relation of No Relation, and Relational Activism PDF
Charles Bingham 100-102
Learning (and Leaving) the Comforts of Home: A Radical Pedagogy of Homeplace PDF
Helen Marie Anderson 103-111
Response: Mapping a Terrain for Homeplace PDF
Susan Douglas Franzosa 112-115
The Logic of Objectivity: Reflections on the Priority of Inference PDF
Karim Dharamsi 116-124
Response: Inferentialism Goes to School PDF
Randall Curren 125-127
Competing Conceptions of Caring and Teaching Ethics to Prospective Teachers PDF
Michael S. Katz 128-135
Response: Philosophy and Film in a Dialogue on Care PDF
Megan Laverty 136-138
"Our Education Is Sadly Neglected": Reading, Translating, and the Politics of Interpretation PDF
Naoko Saito 139-147
Response: Philosophical Reading In/Sight PDF
Linda K. Shadiow 148-150
Kierkegaard and Liberal Education as a Way of Life PDF
Kevin Gary 151-158
Response: Liberal Education and a Way of Life PDF
James D. Marshall 159-161
Consuming Schooling: Education as Simulation PDF
Trevor Norris 162-171
Response: Hierarchies of Knowledge, Negated Agency, and Competing Realisms? PDF
Deron Boyles 172-174
Unseen Teachers and the Limits of Diversity PDF
Robert E. Roemer 175-182
Response: Struggling over Differences in Schools PDF
Suzanne Rice 183-185
Character Education: The Priority of Philosophy to Procedure PDF
Jon Fennell 186-194
Response: Character Education in Pluralistic Democracies: Can (Political) Liberals Teach Civic Virtue? PDF
Daniel Vokey 195-198
What Is Your Philosophical Disposition? Standard X: The Teacher Has Developed an In-Depth Foundational Philosophy PDF
Ames T. Browne III 199-208
Response: Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions: Do I Need a Philosophy of Education, Too? PDF
John F. Covaleskie 209-211
Educating for Meaning in an Era of Banality PDF
Stephanie A. Mackler 212-220
Response: Learning to Think PDF
Kathy Hytten 221-223
Aporia and Humility: Virtues of Democracy PDF
Karen Sihra 224-232
Response: Learning in Humility PDF
A.G. Rud 233-235
An Argument Against Sight-Lovers: Knowledge and Belief in Republic V PDF
David Diener 236-244
Response: "Would He Not Get His Eyes Full of Darkness?" Objectivity in Republic V and VII PDF
James Stillwaggon 245-246
The Great Indoctrination Re-construction Project: The Discourse on Indoctrination as a Legacy of Liberalism PDF
James C. Lang 247-255
Response: Indoctrination Reconceived: Religious Knowledge and Liberal Education PDF
Suzanne Rosenblith 256-259
Discourse, Theatrical Performance, Agency: The Analytic Force of "Performativity" in Education PDF
Claudia W. Ruitenberg 260-268
Response: Sedimentation and Embodiment in Theorizing Performativity PDF
Lisa Weems 269-272
MySpace Friends and the Kingdom of Ends PDF
Kalynne Hackney Pudner 273-281
Response: Can Kant Save Us from the Wild, Wild Net? PDF
James S. Dwight 282-284
Revolutionary Leadership/Revolutionary Pedagogy: Reevaluating the Links and Disjunctions Between Lukacs and Freire PDF
Tyson Edward Lewis 285-293
Response: Don't We Relate? Resources for Organization in Marxist Pedagogy PDF
Mark Brenneman 294-297
Holding Teachers Accountable for Indoctrination: A Reexamination of I.A. Snook's Notion of "Intent" PDF
Barbara A. Peterson 298-305
Response: Intention Is Not Enough PDF
Brian Burtt 306-309
Philosophy of Education and the Contested Nature of Empirical Research: A Rejoinder to D.C. Phillips PDF
Emery J. Hyslop-Margison, M. Ayaz Naseem 310-318
Response: Getting It Wrong from the Beginning: But Maybe (Just Maybe) It's a Start PDF
D.C. Phillips 319-322
Should Blame Be Part of the Education of Character? PDF
Lynda Stone 323-331
Response: Character Education and the Philosophy of Blame PDF
Dan W. Butin 332-334
Engaging Student Disengagement: Resistance or Disagreement? PDF
Barbara Applebaum 335-345
Response: Engaging Student Disengagement PDF
Mordechai Gordon 346-348
Teaching as Asceticism: Transforming the Self Through the Practice PDF
Darryl M. De Marzio 349-355
Response: Ascetic Practice and Teaching as Service: A Feminist View PDF
Deborah Kerdeman 356-358
The Significance of Finding a Witness in Liberatory Education PDF
Martha J. Ritter 359-366
Response: Attending Witness PDF
Paul Farber 367-370
Democracy Without Ideology? PDF
Greg Seals 371-379
Response: Ideology and Educational Argument PDF
James M. Giarelli 380-382
Postsecondary Schooling/Education for All PDF
Francis Schrag 383-391
Response: Deschooling Adults PDF
Heather Voke 392-394
Must "Real Men" Have Sick Souls? PDF
Charles Joseph Meinhart 395-403
Response: Being Twice-Born PDF
Jim Garrison 404-407
Autonomy, Identity, and the Role of Narrative: Another Look at Commodity Fetishism PDF
Peter Giampietro 408-416
Response: How Schools Inhibit the Autonomy of the Middle Class PDF
Michael S. Merry 417-420
Meaning, Mind, and Knowledge: A Pragmatic View PDF
Christine L. McCarthy 421-429
Response: Minding Meaning, Truth, and Knowledge as a Matter of Existential Concern PDF
Heesoon Bai 430-432

ISSN: 8756-6575